N-Methylolacrylamide; NMA
Scientific Name: N-(Hydroxymethyl)-2-propenamide; N-(Hydroxymethyl)acrylamide
CAS No.: 924-42-5
Model No.: ACH8-03
Molecular Formula: C4H7NO2
Molecular Weight: 101.10
Molecular Structure:
Properties: White crystalline powder. Melting point: 74-75 oC; relative density: 1.074. Dissolving in water very easily and having good solubility in hydrophilic solvents such as ethanol, ethyl acetate, acrylic acid or acrylates, etc. but almost undissolving in hydrophobic solvents such as hydrocarbon, halo hydrocarbon, etc.
Specification: Item Index
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Purity: ≥ 98.0%
free formaldehyde: ≤0.1%
PH(5% aqueous solution): 6-8
Chroma (20% water solution): ≤ 15
Use: Organic synthetic monomer to produce copolymer, including thermosetting resin, optical curing epoxy resin coating oil-proof coating for canvas, baking coating for automobile, boat & machine. Its emulsion can be used in the coating and base layer of fabrics, fiber finishing, leather coating, paper coating and spray cotton or used as adhesive
Packing: 25KG kraft bag.
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