(−)-Dimethyl D-tartrate
Synonyms: D-(−)-Tartaric acid dimethyl ester
CAS NO.: 13171-64-7
Molecular Formula: [-CH(OH)CO2CH3]2
Molecular Weight: 178.14
Beilstein Registry Number: 1726254
MDL number: MFCD00008445
Structural Formula:
Application: Both D- and L-forms are reagents for kinetic resolution of racemic allylic alcohols1 2 and α-furfuryl amides by enantioselective epoxidation
Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
Assay(GLC): ≥99% (GLC)
Alpha([a]20/D): −21°, c = 2.5 in water
Bp: 158 °C/0.2 mm Hg(lit.)
Mp: 57-60 °C (dec.)(lit.)
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